1. Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Lid .
            Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Lid .

            Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Lid . was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 70.02 million yuan and fixed assets of 350 million yuan . It is located in Luoxi industrial agglomeration area , Luohe City , Henan Province , covering an area of 100000 square meters . It is adjacent to national highway 107, Beijing Guangzhou railway and Beijing Zhuhai Expressway . It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation . The company is mainly engaged in polyolefin industry chain , medicine , pesticide and other chemical intermediates . The main products are : nucleating agent , antioxidant , phosphorus trichloride , trimethyl phosphite , triethyl phosphite , Trichloroacetaldehyde , dichlorvos , trichloromethane , organosilicon protective agent n ,0-bis trimethylsilyl trifluoroacetamide ( BSTFA ), N ,0- bis trimethylsilyl acetamide ( BSA ), etc . The company ' s products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe , America , Southeast Asia and other regions . Adhering to the concept of " quality assurance , customer service , honest operation and creating the future " and the purpose of " committed to scientific and technological innovation and people - oriented ", the company strives to build a corporate brand . The company has passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system . It has been awarded many honors by Luohe City and Yicheng District , such as import and export quality integrity enterprise ,“ industry 1351" key enterprise , advanced grass - roots trade union , industrial " ten block ” enterprise ," three transformation " demonstration enterprise ," ten hundred billion " key enterprise , meritorious enterprise for high - quality economic development , excellent member of "100 enterprises help 100 villages " targeted poverty alleviation action , etc . Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Ltd . has applied for 24 patents and authorized 20, won the honorary title of " national high tech enterprise " in 2020, established Luohe rubber and plastic additives Engineering Technology Research Center , and applied for " Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center ” in 2021.

             Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Ltd . integrates science , industry and trade . It has advanced production equipment , modernR & D center , perfcct monitoring technology , equipment and quality assurance system . Over the years , with science and technology as the guide , market - oriented and efficiency as the center , we have improved the industrial chain and created an enterprise brand . With strong technical force , the company provides products and services and a full set of customized solutions for customers in the petrochemical industry and plastic industry . By changing the crystallization behavior of the resin , nucleating agent can accelerate the crystallization rate , increase the crystalization density and promote the micro refinement of grain size , so as to shorten the molding cycle and improve the physical and mechanical properties of products , such as transparency , surface gloss , tensile strength , rigidity , thermal deformation temperature , impact resistance and creep resistance . It is mainly used in high - end plastics , electronic products and other fields , with broad application prospects .

             Luohe Xinwang Chemical Co ., Ltd . will continue to refine and strengthen its main business based on its existing main business . While realizing the stable growth of its main business , it will actively expand the field of polymer chemistry , optimize product structure , increase scientific research investment , strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction , and strive to build itself into a resource - saving , environment - friendly , scientific and technological innovation Green chemical enterprise with strong competitiveness .